Hailing from the Seattle area, Esoson invites listeners on a harmonic journey, infusing soaring melodies and time-bending, synchronized grooves that are unexpected yet captivating. Pulling influence from bands such as TesseracT, Meshuggah, and Between the Buried and Me, Esoson brings forth a medley of progressive metal styles that range from expansive, ambient textures to intense growling vocals. Esoson has meticulously developed their own style within the progressive metal genre. They have played with many other groups from and in Seattle, including Iridium, Hermosa, and Simon Says Die.


Originally started in 2012 by guitarists Gabe Brooks-Lopez, Josh McAdams, and drummer Chance Monaghan, Esoson quickly evolved their sound through experience performing at various Seattle venues like Studio Seven, The LAB, and El Corazon. In 2014, Esoson released their first single, titled Sirens, and was also joined by bassist DJ Rough. Vocalist Sara Herrschaft then joined in 2015 as the band’s first permanent singer.

Esoson's first official album, released June 6th, 2017 titled "Sound Within", features a full length concept about the struggle to understand the science and society around us through the journey of a man presented with a gift that he does not understand.